We have a J2EE application with Swing as a front end and we have EJB on the middle tier
As we have to render graphs in client side so Swing has been our primary choice so far
In past we have tried development with Struts ,JSF, and Ajax and we had lot of issues with Memory size , Session replication

Recently i have tried Vaadin and it looks great and we like it .
Based on our past experience we have still few questions about the framework and this will help us to decide

  • What would be the performance impact for application migrating to Vaadin?
  • Where Vaadin is storing in memory data is it in Session or any other caching framework ?
  • Does Vaadin support clustered environment (Session replication all that kind of stuff) ?
  • Is there anyway we can port our existing application to Vaadin (Instead of rewriting the whole UI layer)

Please share any if anybody is currently having any Session and Performance issues in vaadin
Santosh Swain