Vaadin XS addon causing slow build in eclipse


I added the xs add-on jar and compiled my widgetsets.

Then whenever eclipse does a full build it will validate all of the files under the widgetsets folder. This is taking a lot of time for me like 15 to 20 minutes.

I have already set “suspend all validations” in preferences but still the extensive validation takes place.

Thanks in advance,

Could it be that your project validation preferences override the global validation preferences?

Also, Eclipse sometimes does validation even though all validators are suspended - I have seen this happen occasionally on SVN update and some other operations. I would consider it an Eclipse bug. You then get warnings or errors in the markers view, but doing “Validate” in the context menu just clears them without running the suspended validators.

If a widgetset is validated with the standard validators, it should not take more than some seconds or tens of seconds, so if they are taking many minutes for you, something else is wrong as well or there are some non-default validators in use.

Hey Joey, Did you solve the problem? How?

I have the same problem, Vaadin XS addon lates a lot of time to validate. I think it’s an eclipse problem but how can I solve it?

With newer Eclipse versions, this could be caused by the JavaScript validation builder, which for some strange reason is not under validators but under builders.

Remove that builder in project properties and see if it helps.

Other validators can also be disabled in project properties, under validation, but the JavaScript one is probably the culprit here.

Where in Eclipse settings is this?