Vaadin within JSP page?


I have an app (already written) and it uses Struts/JSP and so on. Now, the idea is to write another app and deploy it as a separate WAR file, then simply call it from the JSP in order it be there sort of like a portlet.

How it is possible to do? With a “plain” GWT I remember I put some

inside, tell the ID and call some javascript to let it pick up. But with Vaadin?..


: Oh, it been a long time since I used vaadin outside Liferay:
. :slight_smile:

OK, I still have a small problem here.

Let’s assume, I have a plain Vaadin app, called “Doodle”. So it is called from the browser like this: http://localhost:8080/Doodle/doodle and it works.
Now, I want it visible in the application “Foo”, which is accessible as http://localhost:8080/Foo and also works.

So I added div, added vaadinConfigurations Java script and so on, as described on the Application Embedding above. But I see zero CSS come with it: al app is working, but just in “Times New Roman” font. :slight_smile:

If we talk about Tomcat, then I have “VAADIN” directory with all the stuff included in “webapps/ROOT” unzipped. I also tried these variants in the JavaScript:

themeUri: ‘/VAADIN/themes’ ← this is a default one and should work out of the box, right?
themeUri: ‘VAADIN/themes/reindeer’
themeUri: ‘/Doodle/VAADIN/themes’
themeUri: ‘/Doodle/VAADIN/themes/reindeer’

Nothing of above works. :frowning:

How I can enable “Reindeer” theme in my app then
than just add “link” element to the JSP page with a theme CSS? Can anyone please help here what is a standard way and what is “themeUri” for, if it is does not works in this case?

P.S. Embedding app document ( is very unclear how to bind Vaadin app to a DIV with a custom defined ID and is pretty confusing. Basically, you have to figure out it by yourself. Please somebody clear it up as well.

my embeded test project is named testp
and it works using: