Vaadin with Spring Social?

Is it possible to use Vaadin together with Spring Social? I have seen examples like
but these examples use spring mvc as UI.

If somebody has an example or some general information then please share it. I’m not even sure if it’s possible to use Spring Social without Spring MVC.
What I need is a simple vaadin application which offers a login with facebook and when possible to use the Spring Social to do the login.

Furthermore I ask me how this is done on itself, because this seems to be a vaadin application and login with facebook is possible.
Which library is used to that, is it spring social?

Thank you in advance.

Does nobody have experience with
Spring Social
and Vaadin? Please share if you know anything. If my question shouldn’t be clear then please leave a comment.
Thank you

There is the addon OAuth for login. Not sure but it was probably used by

I’m trying to interact my vaadin app with all others facebook plugins, not only login, but like button and comments…

Does anyone have any knowledge to share on this ?


I just would like to move up this thread. I’m also interested into Vaadin and Springsocial implementation.

Does anyone have any knowledge to share on this ?

I created demo project that using Vaadin + Spring Boot + Spring Security + Spring Social.

Working demo


Currently, it has a bug with signout, but I will fix this.