Vaadin with Spring MVC

Hi All,

In my current application, we have spring monolith, along with bunch of different dependencies that we manage. we use struts and jsp and have a war file with jQuery.
Seeking advise is it good idea to include a vaadin servlet?
Will there be any future limitations with this approach compared to spring boot way?
or is there any other better way to just use like may be hilla and lit ?


It should be possible to use Vaadin in a Spring Framework only project. If you wanna make your life easier, you probably have to configure Vaadin’s servlet to be e.g. below a certain context path like /vaadinApp or something different. Mixing JSP and Vaadin Routes within the same / won’t work as the Vaadin servlet is greedy.

can we use hilla lit with spring mvc ?

Nope, it’s spring boot only