Vaadin with Spring Boot and vaadin.compatibilityMode=true

If using Vaadin with Spring Boot, instead set the property ‘vaadin.compatibilityMode’ to ‘true’ in ‘’.

Running in Vaadin 13 (Flow 1) compatibility mode.
This mode uses webjars/Bower for client side dependency management and HTML imports for dependency loading.
The default mode in Vaadin 14+ (Flow 2+) is based on npm for dependency management and JavaScript modules for dependency inclusion.

When it is planned to make Spring Boot apps working with Flow 2+ ?

Hi Vitalii,

I think they do work… you need compatibility mode if you still have bower components. If you don’t then you don’t see to set it.

My app is now Vaadin 14 with spring boot. :slight_smile:


I leverage gradle and and don’t leverage vaadin plugin. So, I didn’t notice, that
vaadin-maven-plugin have now


Have you installed Node.js and npm before applying new vaadin-maven-plugin goals ?

Yes i did. I have node and npm accessible system wide. (I’m on a Mac and I linked /usr/local/bin/node and /usr/local/bin/npm to the location of the node install.)