vaadin with MySql database best practices.


I am new to vaadin, couple of days back i have downloaded vaadin dashboard demo application.

And i found it amazing and become a fan of vaadin.

I am swing developer and about to start new project using vaadin. I am confused about database communication to vaadin. I am using MySql database.

As i did not start writing code, can some one guide me which approch would be best.

  1. Use vaadin with grails
  • fast in development use spring and hibernate. Do it impact any performance as there is number of layer?
  • I have no idea about grails, if it best with vaadin then i will learn it.
  1. Directly use TableQuery and SQLContanier.
  2. Use Hibernate independently to fetch the data from database.
  3. Use JSON and make api call to another webservices to get the data . as the quickticket demo application is doing.

Which approch should i use or can anyone guide me which could be the best practices with vaadin with MySql database.

Should i used grails with vaadin i am developing dashboard application will it cause any major issue with performance or speed.


Can someone help me with above question?


Use modified version of option 3: access you data via JPA api (Hibernate possibly beneath it). And I’d also use either container provided persistency context, either by Java EE server or Spring.



Thanks for reply.
I am thing to go with grails and this will help me with database and spring logic. I am developing dashboard application and performance is really metter for me. Do you think if i use grails then it will impact performance. Can i consider vaadin with grails? As this help in fast development. And wont impact the performance that much? Is there any disadvantage in my approach?