Vaadin with cloud services?

Hey guys!
So I’ve been using Vaadin for a while now in order to stabilise my UI codes. So far it’s been working great an it’s not the root of my problems. What’s really concerning me is the state of our old server in the basement. It’s been running for a couple of years now without maintenance, but lately it seems a bit old.

Maybe it’s just no longer up to the task of handling all that data. So, in order to have scalability I’ve been thinking about switching to a cloud sourced option.
My question now is whether any of you have already tried using Vaadin with software like []
( I would really appreciate any experience if you want to share it.

I don’t know about that particular service, but generally speaking cloud hosting services are a good fit for Vaadin applications. There are a bunch of related tutorials available, for example here: and here: (just to mention a couple)