Vaadin with Akka-Http

Im thinking about if it is possible to deploy Vaadin to something else than a servlet-runner.

I am using scala/akka for almost everything in my app, and it would be really cool to make the whole Vaadin asynchronous through the akka-http module. A streamlined datapath all the way through the system :slight_smile:

But before I investigate this further, any of you that has digged deeper into the internals of Vaadin might be able to tell me if this is in any way possible, or if Vaadin is too integrated into the world of servlets.

It’s possible to run a Vaadin application without a servlet: I have created a prototype about running a Vaadin application inside the
framework, take a look at here:

That should be the perfect starting-ground for it.

Thanks Henri!


Have you tried implementing the Vaadin front-end to the Akka-HTTP-Java backend at all?
I’m planning to do that to handle scalable Authentication/Authorisation support

Any help would be appreciated!