Vaadin webpage into vaadin mobile

can anyone suggest me. how to convert the webpage designed using vaadin into mobile view . is it an addon available???

You can use the addon TouchKit for that. It allows you to (at least) reuse all your integration-code like Containers, Validators and stuff.

so there is no direct approach na??. i created the sample AddressBook which is provide in the vaadin framework. i seen the result in iphone, but it shows as wat as in webpage. but i need mobile format.

Well at least you would have to change the theme depending on the user’s browser. In a “special mobile-theme” you could rearrange the elements using CSS. Never tried that, but it might work.

No matter what the technology - Vaadin, GWT, javascript, plain-old-HTML - if you want to deploy an application onto a mobile device, you have to design the user interface for a mobile device.

Realistically, there can be no automatic mapping between a design for a full screen browser running on a PC/Mac at 1280x1024 and a mobile phone running at a resolution of 960x640. Even if the resolution were the same, the way that a user interacts with a phone is completely different to how a user interacts with a browser.

Vaadin’s TouchKit enables you to create a UI targeted at mobile devices. If you need to support both mobile and desktop in the same application, you really will have to design two user interfaces; I suggest that you really have to think about how you engineer your application to enable re-use between views/models/controllers/presenters.

I would point out that this is not really a Vaadin issue: I don’t believe that there are any frameworks out there that can deploy anything more than a trivial application that is very usable both mobile and desktop browsers.

For clarity, Vaadin applications work in modern mobile browsers, and can be designed for mobile browsers - and a single application can have UIs that target both mobile and dsktop browsers, but you can’t really have the same UI code for both.



thanks for the info. now am cleared…