Vaadin Web-Component Starter


is there something like a starter for creating a vaadin 14 web-component that contains the correct directory layout, dependencies, theme dependencies etc.?
I did not find anything and it is somehow tedious using the usual polymer init.

Thank you already!

Hi Julien. For a Polymer 3 web component, I don’t know any other resource than

If you’re looking to make a Java integration for your web component then you can take a look at [the component starter]

Hi Pekka, thank you for the response!

Yes I meant a polymer component. The thing is that from my observation the vaadin components (e.g. [Vaadin Checkbox]
( have a theme folder with the lumo and material theme included. Additionally the main vaadin-checkbox.html references the lumo theme file. The main CheckboxElement extends Vaadin.ElementMixin(Vaadin.ControlStateMixin(Vaadin.ThemableMixin(Polymer.GestureEventListeners(Polymer.Element)))). And some other additional stuff that is quite vaadin specific.

So the question is if there is some kind of a skeleton or something comparable to a maven archetype to create such a web-component following the vaadin best practices, especially in terms of themeability, etc.?

The only thing that I found is [Vaadin-Element-Skeleton]
(, but I am not sure if this is what I am looking for and how to use this.

Ok, I think I actually found what I need: []