Vaadin web application project is not running on external Tomcat server

I have made the project given in tutorials and now I am trying to run
the project outside eclipse ie. on a tomcat server by just creating a
.war file of the project.
Can anyone tell me how can I do that???

Difficult to help without information. I am assuming that you are running Eclipse, and that you are able to run the application from within Eclipse. This would indicate that you project’s Deployment assembly is correct (this is found in the Project’s properties). If that is the case, using the Export menu on your project should create a correct .war.

If you are running Maven under Eclipse, you should make sure that

  • you have the latest m2e (maven to eclipse) plugin install
  • you have installed the latest maven WTP integration
  • you have run “Update project configuration” from your Maven project

Under those conditions, you should be able to get a correct war that behaves like your Eclipse by running the Maven war:war goal (or the package goal).

One specific difficulty that may stop your tomcat from running is if you include gwt-user.jar in your libraries – if you do, tomcat will detect that the servlet library is present twice, and will stop. If you look at your logs, you should see a warning.

Thanks for the reply Jean-François, actually I am getting problem in running my web application on other computer using .war file on a tomcat server.

Your .war is incorrect. Get a clean container, clear all the logs. Start the container anew. Look closely at all the warnings and errors inside your logs. A few ideas: a missing configuration file (e.g. context.xml), an extra jar that prevents startup (e.g. gwt-user.jar), a missing jar (e.g. a run-time dependency), or the wrong version of a jar (e.g. a newer version of a javax jar that is being ignored).

You aren’t telling us HOW you application is failing to start. Clearly there is a difference between what works during development and what is being packaged as your jar, OR a difference between the environments.

Thanks for your help mine problem is solved.