Vaadin WAR isn't loaded anymore? Shows Directory

Hey there.

I just encoutnered a problem and can’t find the point where I made something wrong.

When I try to access my vaadin project it just shows me the “Directory” and gives me the options to look at Meta-Inf and Web-Inf. If I open one of them it just says there are no files.

I tried to make my project Maven complete and maybe I messed something up that way.
I already tried a restored version and it worked perfectly, but the new version is so advanced that I would rather work out this problem than begin anew :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any clues? If you need any information, just tell me so.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Alright the Solution is to build a Maven Project from scratch with a Vaadin Achetype. Converting a Vaadin Project to Maven doesn’t seem to work