Vaadin Visualization Piechart selectedNode returns null

I am implementing the VaadinVisualization wrapper library for Google visualization. Using the example I cannot get the selectionChanged listener for PieChart to show a value for selected node/slice of pie.

This always returns null.

public void selectionChanged(List selectedItems) {
if (selectedItems.get(0).equalsIgnoreCase(“”)){
getMainWindow().showNotification(“Node : " + selectedNode + " deselected.”);
} else {
selectedNode = selectedItems.get(0);
getMainWindow().showNotification(“Node : " + selectedItems.get(0) + " selected.”);





i have a timeline chart and want to implement a SelectionListener… but i always get undefined as value when i click on a point in the timeline chart:

For example we have a LineChart:

// Add a LineChart
LineChart lc = new LineChart();
lc.setOption(“legend”, “bottom”);
lc.setOption(“title”, “Company Performance”);

lc.add("2004", new double[]{100,200});	
lc.add("2005", new double[]{75,100});	
lc.add("2006", new double[]{32,234});	
lc.add("2007", new double[]{25,2534});	
lc.add("2008", new double[]{2343,12});	


how can i now implement a listener which shows me the value (perhaps for 2005 75) in a notification?

As to PieChart then all is just clear -
It is preliminary necessary to fill it, the signature:

public void add(String sector, double number);

…and finally, this one -

pc.add("Work", 7);
pc.add("Play", 3);
pc.add("Eat", 1.5);
pc.add("Sleep", 6);

pc.addListener(new PieChart.SelectionListener() {
   public void selectionChanged(List<String> selectedItems) {

However Andreas Haug the rights - for example, for BarChart such reception doesn’t pass -
for the same code at onClick a column in selectedItems registers null.

How to be?

selectedItems.get(0) == null

So, Invient Charts it is represented to me more interesting, with processing a onClick with null result i and haven’t solved a problem…