Vaadin Visualization Add-on Problem


I’m having a problem with the Vaadin Visualization Add-on. I wanted to implement the example that was displayed in Demo page for the addon, but every time I run the application nothing gets displayed.

Here is the source code for what I’ve done


import org.vaadin.vaadinvisualizations.LineChart;
import com.vaadin.Application;
import com.vaadin.ui.*;

public class AbcApplication extends Application {
	public void init() {
		Window mainWindow = new Window("Abc Application");
		LineChart lc = new LineChart();
		lc.setOption("legend", "bottom");	
		lc.setOption("title", "Company Performance");	
		lc.add("2004", new double[]{100,200});	
		lc.add("2005", new double[]{75,100});	
		lc.add("2006", new double[]{32,234});	
		lc.add("2007", new double[]{25,2534});	
		lc.add("2008", new double[]{2343,12});	
		VerticalLayout v = new VerticalLayout();
		v.addComponent(new Label("testLabel"));


The output of this is that the “testLabel” only gets displayed on top of the page, and nothing else.


It’s OK I fixed it.

There must be some kind of a problem with the setSizeFul() method.
When I changed it to setHeight(“400px”), setWidth(“100%”) It worked alright.

There’s most likely nothing “wrong” in the setSizeFull() method itself. The problem probably is that you’ve placed the 100% sized component inside an undefined sized parent container (100% x undefined = undefined = zero).

But your fix is still valid, explicitly sized components show without problems.

Yes you’re right. Thanks a lot for the tip :slight_smile:

can we change the icon of Map Marker? i need different icon for different type or point