Vaadin visual editor randomly crashing


I try to use vaadin visual editor but it randomly crashes i tried eclipse 3.8 and eclipse 4.3 I installed vaadin as an eclipse plugin. What is the official eclipse version supported by vaadin ? How to use vaadin visual editor as an indepedant application ? Where can I download it ?


What do you mean by crashing? What exactly happens?

What is your environment (OS version etc)?

Do you have messages related to this in Eclipse error log (Window → Show View → Other… → Error Log)?

While I try to add elements in layout my cpu gets loaded at 100% and few seconds later eclipse crash (= the window completely close itself). My os is ubuntu, hs_error files were generated in my home folder. It was eclipse 3.8 and 4.3 and java 7 (u51) i586.

Now i’m using eclipse 3.5 with java 6 I had no crash until now so I suspected that vaadin was only compatible with particualr versions of eclipse and java that’s why I didn’t keep the hs_error files.

I propose you or anybody working on the development of vaadin to install latest eclipse (kepler) with latest java 7 version on an ubuntu environment to see if all work fine. If it works fine well I’ll reinstall all the stuff on my computer and send you the hs_error files. But I’m fine with my environment so it’s like you want.