Vaadin url parameter


Does anyone know the meaning of these vaadin url parameters :
Is there any doc to explain them ?

Thanks a lot

Some are quite “guessable”, no? Let’s try! B)
repaintAll=1 // boolean, quite explicit
sh=1050 // screen height
sw=1680 // screen width
cw=1663 // current width (probably useful size in the browser)
ch=911 // current height
vw=1467 // Vaadin width?
vh=1 // Vaadin height??
fr= // Mmm. Client’s locale = French? (can fit with TZ/DST)
tzo=-120 // Time zone offset
rtzo=-60 // Real time zone offset (after applying DST)
dstd=60 // Daylight Saving Time (in minutes)
dston=true // Do we apply DST?
curdate=1318422313623 // Current date, as time stamp (milliseconds since Epoch?)
wsver=6.7.0 // Version number of Vaadin

Any correction welcome…

cw // client width (browser window client area excluding the scroll bar)
ch // client height (browser window client area excluding the scroll bar)
vw // view width (parent element of the VView)
vh // view height (parent element of the VView)
fr // history token
rtzo // Raw time zone offset (w/o DST adjustment)
dstd // difference between raw time zone and DST in minutes
dston // is DST currently active or not in the region
wsver // widgetset version
td // touch device or not

Locale etc. are passed in standard headers.

Note that these may change in the future as they are mostly for internal communication between ApplicationConnection and AbstractApplicationServlet/AbstractApplicationPortlet.

Thanks a lot.

Another question :
Do we must include these parameters for a jmeter Benchmark against Vaadin Liferay portlet ?

At least for portlets in Vaadin 6.7, the parameters have default values that probably do not work well in real applications running in a browser, but might be ok for jMeter. The parameter “repaintAll” might be required in the cases where it is used by real applications, though.

Thanks for your help.

But anyway, my Jmeter benchmark doesn’t work.
I followed this tutorial to record all requests with jmeter:
and added :

  • an http cookie manager
  • an http default parameters
  • a view results tree

But when i launch, i cannot find all log i expected.
Is there anything i forgot ???

To complete :
i use Liferay 5.2.3, Vaadin 6.7.0 and jmeter 2.5.1.
i disabled xsrf-protection
is there anything to do with http header and jsessionid ?

Anyone has an idea ?

It can be quite tricky to see what goes wrong when using JMeter as you do not see any UI. One way is described at, which will allow you to inspect the HTML output to see if there are error messages or something else. Another way is to add debug statements to your application and see how far it gets and then inspect why it does not get farther. Of course, you can also set breakpoints and step through the code is executed when the JMeter test is running.

If you are running portlet tests the portal can also introduce some randomness like generating new portlet ids, which will cause tests to fail. I have not tested JMeter with a portal myself - maybe you can test with a non-Vaadin portlet and see if you have the same problems.