vaadin upload component and liferay IGFolder,IGImage

Hello to you all!
I can’t seem to handle a problem i need to resolve.
I’m using a vaadin upload component to upload images to …liferay database .
With a liferay portlet is pretty simple,i’m getting the submission file,wrapp it into a IGImage object,and then with the api i’m just adding the image to the coresponding folder,wich has a folder id.

Can i acces the submission file,from vaadin upload component so i can forward the upload through liferay api . If i can’t acces the File object for the upload ,than i need to specify the path of the folder to where i need to upload.And i don’t know how to get the file path to the liferay database folders,because those are handled by the api.

So the problem is this: How to upload with vaadin to liferay using IGImage and IGFolder classes?