Vaadin, UI testing and obfuscation - unobfuscated Vaadin sampler

Hi there,

I’m working on Vaadin support for our GUI test tool QF-Test. In doing so, my view of Vaadin is limited to the Browser’s DOM. I know next to nothing about building a Vaadin (or GWT) application but one can get quite far that way, especially since Vaadin is implemented in a very consistent way. However, there are limits to this approach. For going further it would be useful to access some of the Vaadin components at Javascript level, for example to find out which range of rows is currently loaded in a dynamic table or to force the table to load a given range of rows. However, I’m afraid it will be next to impossible to use Javascript if the code is obfuscated.

I guess if I can get my hands on some unobfuscated Javascript implementation of Vaadin I’ll know more. Does anybody have a version of the Vaadin sampler compiled without obfuscation? That would be a great help.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

The javascript is not obfuscated in order to make it more difficult to read but rather as a side effect of the GWT compiler doing all it can to reduce the size of the downloadable files. You can instruct the GWT compiler to generate code that isn’t minimized by passing “-style PRETTY” it or selecting Pretty as the Javascript style in the Vaadin plugin for Eclipse.

I’m not aware of any alternative Sampler deployment, but you should be able to make your own by checking out the code with svn from and compiling the widgetset with that one additional argument.