Vaadin Tutorial Not Working as Expected

Dear all, am brand new to Vaadin and I started going through the book Vaadin 7 UI Design By Example. So on the very first chapter we create a barebones application called “welcome”. Its suppsed to show a simple application with a “click me” button when we navigate to http://localhost:8080/welcome. However in my case I get the screen attached. No click me button or any interaction widget, just a directory structure.

Any help appreciated on what I could be doing wrong


Looks like the
run Jetty run
has some issues with @WebServlet way of configuring servlets. Previous versions of Vaadin used a web.xml file to configure the Servlet but that has changed since the book was published.

I would recommend you to
install a server such as Apache Tomcat
and deploy your application there.

If you still want to use the
run Jetty run
plugin, you have to configure the version by selecting Run | Debug Configurations… in Eclipse, selecting your Jetty Webapp configuration (welcome) and changing the Jetty version to 8+.

Hope that helps.