Vaadin Touchkit

Hi All,
I have created an application using vaadin touchkit…What should I do if I want to run that application in android OS ?


Just use it like on iOS. The default theme mimics iOS but everything should work fine otherwise. Many android devices have lousy performance though which can cause usability issues.


I do not know how to run in IOS… but now I am having an android mobile…Could you help me how to make my application run in my phone…COuld you explain me in detail?

Touchkit Applications do not run on the device - not for iOS, and not for Android.

Touchkit Applications are web applications in which you use the system browser on the device to talk to a web application server such as tomcat - running elsewhere, not on the phone.

Vaadin is a Server Side RIA. At some point, you really must have a server!

It may be possible to run a
Jetty webserver
on an Android device, and then run the Vaadin Application in it, but I think it’s probably quite a lot of work - and I’ve certainly never done it!



At my initial air-brained suggestions, some colleagues have actually persevered and managed to run a Vaadin app on i-Jetty on Android. But most applications won’t run as is. Things like logging, and so on, actually depend on native libraries that aren’t quite the same on Android Dalvik. Same for anything that requires a classloader (such as resource bundles). So if you want to run an application on the device proper, it is doable, but it will require a few days of tinkering. They have managed to make everything work with only a Maven pom.xml and an OS-isolation library (they no-longer call log4j directly for example).

For now, black belts only, I’m afraid.

It’s good to know that it’s possible, though!