Vaadin TouchKit on what browsers?

What browsers does TouchKit actually work on? I have an Android v4.0.4 phone and have not found a browser on it that can run the sample TouchKit applications properly.

Default browser and xScope both have jerky effects and highlighting on drag-scroll, and when I touch a button they jump to the top of the page then respond to the touch there. I had more success with Chrome beta, but it still had strange behaviors in the two sample applications. (And Chrome beta requires Android v4 (ICS), which few people have yet.)

On the other hand, the regular Vaadin samples largely work in the three Android browser I tested with.


TouchKit should work with same android versions as the core Vaadin itself. TouhcKit demos just might bring up some issues easier than the “Sampler” does. For example there was a ridiculous scrolling issue on Anrdoid 3 and 4 versions (caused by scrolltop issue that don’t exist in Anroid 2.x browsers). I drafted some workarounds into 6.7 branch yesterday and continued be today. TouchKit demos are now compiled against nightly build (yesterdays changes) and scrolling again works to some extent on Android devices. You could try it again now. Resetting your cache might be necessary to get the latest version right away to use.

I sometimes wonder how can they mess up things so badly with the Androids browser. They use basically the same core (webkit) as Apple does, but the browsers is damn slow, it has lots of weird issues and lots of regressions. Lets hope the “Chrome” branded android browser will make things better. Currently the beta is promising on some areas, but it has its own weird issues.


Regarding Android, are there any plans to support the official Android theming (Holo) ?

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Thanks for the response. I know I’m using a newer default browser (v4), but figured the others should work. The new demo version online now works better, but still has visual quirks that make it not quite ready for production. It’s pretty slow too. Maybe by the time I’m ready to make a mobile version though, it’ll be working well. At this point though, I’m not sure there’s any reason to develope a second UI rather than just using the traditional web application format and adding a button on small screens to slide the horizontal split all the way left and right.

Thanks again. Developing GUIs is always a pain, but Vaadin makes it about as easy as it possibly can be. :slight_smile: