Vaadin Touchkit Launcher/Loader.

Hi, I have an idea I want to share with you.

Vaadin Touch apps are browser based. They look very native but they aren’t. But… What’s the maximum level of “nativeness” we can reach?

Just fork a good browser engine, keep the rendering engine and remove anything else, add a preloader to cache the static resources of our vaadin app on the first start, and add two browser level options to quit and reload our app.

That’s all… a Vaadin Touchkit Launcher we can configure with our app URL, build, deploy and distribute as a regular native app.

The end user could download it as a regular app, use it in full screen with no anoying browser features, and get a closer to native experience.

It would be great to get an official launcher from vaadin. The next step could be an online launcher generator (enter app name, app url, app icon, press a button and download your native launcher :wink: ).

I may not be the first one to suggest something like this, but in recent conversations with some users, they told me it would be easier and more comfortable for them to manage and use vaadin apps as native apps.

Let me know about your opinion.