Vaadin Touchkit for Android


currently Vaadin Touchkit is primarily for iPhone right? Will it support Android in the future too?



It works with Android too. But it looks like an iPhone app.

Hi Joonas,

I am developing an application with the Touchkit addon. It is runs perfectly on iPhone (and on Windows/MAC OS
with different browsers).

Today I got a new smartphone with Android 2.2. The Screen is rendered properly, but NativeSelects do not
work. It seems to me, that no client event is generated when a NativeSelect is touched. NativeSelects are
often used in my application as form fields. The second issue is, that vertical scrolling does not work.

I tried the built in browser and a few other browsers that are available for Android and got the same result.
Other WebKit based browsers like Safari or Chrome are working well with my application, so the browser
engine seems not to be the reason for the problems.

I can remember a forum post, that someone said (I think Marcus), that the Touchkit addon should be applicable
for many mobile platforms (not only iPhone/iPad). IMO would it be a good idea, to extend the Touchkit Addon
(which is really great stuff) to be applicable for Android too (as long it is possible to detect the Android
OS with the WebApplicationContext class and to change the layout from “iphone” to “android” in the
TouchKit Addon dynamicly).


The TouchKit Demo is not working with the android emulator default browser.
Problem is that the user cannot scroll down. Parts of the document which are out of the viewable part are not reachable by the user.
You have the same Problem with every Desktop Browser.
I think TouchKit only runs on iPhone and iPad.