Vaadin TouchKit + Cordova + cordova-file-plugin

Hello, excuse my bad English, I find myself assessing the feasibility of Vaadin TouchKit for possible software development, the main requirement is that the application built with Vaadin TouchKit this embedded in Cordova 5.0 application and that can be from the Vaadin TouchKit application save files in the mobile customer to perform this task intend to use cordova-file-plugin. The main problem we encounter when performing the integration of three technologies is that I can not reference libraries Cordova from the Vaadin application and vice versa. I wonder if there is a method by which to save a file on the mobile device client from TouchKit Vaadin application without having to resort to “window.postMessage” to send messages between the application and the Vaadin TouchKit container Cordova (The Vaadin application TouchKit is within an iframe in the index of Cordova application).