Vaadin Touchkit 3.0 for Android

My question is …touchkit is more oriented toward the IOS native application like support. I wonder the scope of it on Andriod. Just changing the themes wont help much. I went through an other thread(!/thread/202458) but iphone like appliaction in Andriod my not be a good idea…

Please share if you have any material on this.

Jim K

Yes, the TouchKit theme and some of its components are oriented towards the iOS look and feel. There are also a few features that only work in iOS, such as the splash screen. There’s also some specific issues with Android devices. One is the Back button, which iOS doesn’t have, so the navigation bar is often a bit redundant in Android. In fact, if you don’t want the Back button be annoying, you need to handle browser history with URI fragments. Also, scrolling in SwipeView and elsewhere doesn’t work very well in some Android devices. And some other issues.

Most features, however, work just as well with Android and you wouldn’t have them without TouchKit. Consider geolocation, fallback UIs, offline mode, local store, theme load optimization, the many components, etc. For example, if you want to show the virtual keyboard specific for entering email addresses or numbers, you can’t do it (easily) without TouchKit. So, the built-in theme is just a small feature in TouchKit and you often want to customize it quite radically anyhow.

Thanks for th reply.
One more thing. Can any one share Who is using Vaadin Touckit ? to review the user experiences.