Vaadin/Tomcat and memory (?) issues

I am still quite new to Vaadin, and even to Java in WEB environment (application servers, servlet containers or whatever the Tomcat is.), but as new as with Vaadin it self.

I was playing with Addressbook tutorial, and so I have made some trivial changes to the code. But when I had tried to run this on my laptop (first with tomcat.) it didn’t work so well. The original Addressbook example will run on tomcat without issues. Is it possible that 4 GB of RAM, shared with operating system (Ubuntu) and Java are not enough for Vaadin and Tomcat (tried 8 and 7) to run so trivial application?

It will run with Jetty (on laptop), and also on Tomcat, without issues, on my desktop worksation, which has 16 GB or RAM.
Software configuration is indentical between laptop and desktop machine. Java 8, Ubuntu 14.04 64 Bit, Tomcat 8.0.3 and 7.0.52, Netbeans 8…

For the case some would like to check error messages I got displayed in Netbeans, and changes I made to code here are the links to the files (If someone wants I can post the code here also.):

When I try to add secon link by clicking the link icon from the toolbar, I just get the option to edit the first link… Is this a feature or a bug : )?


the specs of your laptop should not be a problem. For example, I’m currently running multiple vaadin apps (all of my addons’ demos and more) on a single linux (virtual) server that has 500MB of memory - and they’re also running on tomcat.

I see you’re getting a VerifyError, which means that the related (compiled) class has some internal inconsistency or security issue. Can you try to clean your project before buid and check that there are no extra or conflicting dependencies on the classpath?

Hello Teppo, and thank you for you reply. I was cleaning the project multiple times and that didn’t help, but now that you have told me to check project for conflicting dependencies, I found different Vaadin versions in dependencies folder. Since I am using Netbeans at the moment, it fetches automaticaly needed dependencies via maven, but it is not smart enough to manage multiple vaadin versions, I guess… For some reason it defaulted to older Vaadin 7 snapshot libreries, and when I changed the Vaadin version top the 7.2 in Netbeans project properties, it just downloaded new jars, but left old ones too.

Anyway, I hed left only Vaadin 7.2.0 jars, build a project again, and it works now : ). Thanks one more time.