Vaadin Theme Crash in Liferay Extend version

We are using Liferay 5.2.3, Vaadin 6.3.0
we have extended liferay login portlet, and error happens:
after refresh the page which contains vaadin portlet more than 3 times, the portlet css became empty, all the theme gone. This has been tested using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and emptied cache, cookies when testing.

it only happens after using liferay extend development ant to generate ROOT folder (deployed html/VAADIN lib/vaadin.jar and modified

Is it so that there is some bug or VAADIN is not good support for liferay extend development?

Thank you.

Instead of double posting, you could try to wait a little and then bumping the old thread if necessary.

Anyway, this sounds very strange, probably somehow cache related on the server side or related to cache headers added by the server.

On which server are you running Liferay - Tomcat? Have you modified its cache settings?

I assume the theme files are intact on the server, and the problem is either in how they are served or in the browser not handling them correctly.

When the theme files are no longer loaded, do you see a reference to them on the page with Firebug or similar tools? Do you see (with e.g. Firebug) the browser trying to load the CSS files and failing? Based on what you have written, I would assume that the answers to these questions are no, but better check first.

Do reloads with one browser also affect other browsers? On the previous attempts, when theme loading succeeds, are the cache expiry headers ok? Are you able to load the theme files properly by pointing your browser directly to …/html/VAADIN/themes/mytheme/… ?

Are you using some cache disabling settings in your Some sample settings can be seen in - if you suspect a server-side cache is the issue, you could try modifying them and see what is the impact.

Thanks for your reply,

we are using Tomcat 6, and hasn’t modify any setting for cache.

When use one browser to test failed, all browsers failed. It affects all.

Before failure, /html/VAADIN/themes/mytheme/… files are accessible. After the failure, /html/VAADIN/themes/mytheme/… are not accessible.

We haven’t put any cache disabling settings in our
We tried to set and to both false or true but no help,
is there any other settings you suggest?

I hope I’m not the only one who suffered this kind of problem, and tested on Mac and Windows.

So now we use the quick dirty solution to directly modify default login portlet jsps. But not able to control more functions.

This sounds very much like a more general problem and not directly related to Vaadin, at least if you have copied the themes and are serving them through Tomcat/Liferay instead of through a Vaadin servlet. I believe searching or posting a question on some other forum would be helpful.

You could try to write a simple JSP portlet that does nothing else than refer to the Vaadin CSS files like the Vaadin portlet does, and testing to see if you can reproduce the problem in your environment that way.

As you suggest, we searched Liferay forum by searching Liferay cache.

And the solution is :

In web.xml at %liferay_home%\tomcat-5.5.27\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF comment out the following cache filter definition:

there are other resources like .jsp, .js… you can comment out if you need.

Thank you!


Although it works, but it’s better to be announced somewhere by Vaadin that how to do the support the extended version of Liferay.

And one thing not clear is in the normal Liferay we haven’t commented out anything from web.xml which we did in the extended version. It works fine. Also we checked other liferay cache settings such as

they have no use. Ok it’s liferay issues but we hope we can get some guidance from Vaadin forum or document.