Vaadin Theme build and Liferay

Okay, so I’m typically customizing the Liferay vaadin theme to make it match my Liferay theme.

Since the theme file used is /html/VAADIN/themes/liferay/styles.css, I’m forced to put all of my additions at the bottom of the big file.

But it looks like styles.css is actually built by concatenating all of the individual CSS files in the subdirectories together.

I’d really like to plug into this, as I could create my own subdir with a CSS file of my own, invoke the build process and get the complete styles.css as a result.

So my question is where is the build script that does this? Is it available?


Vaadin build does that. You could see how it’s done there. In Vaadin svn there’s e.g. releases/6.7.8/build/buildhelpers. I haven’t actually looked how it’s implemented and don’t know can it be easily adapted to your needs. But if you try, please report your findings.