Vaadin theme as a library


I am trying to create a jar library that will include a Vaadin theme and some utility classes that need to be shared among a few projects. I am fine with the classes but I can’t find the right folder structure so that the rest of the projects can use the theme.

Any help will be highly appreciated!


Take a look at the structure of the vaadin-themes-*.jar - the themes should be in /VAADIN/themes/… inside the JAR.

You probably don’t want it in your case, but it is possible to add some meta-data about the theme in your manifest - it is then automatically included in addons.scss in projects using the JAR. This is mostly for add-ons providing their own theme rules just for the add-on components.

If you still have problems with the theme JAR structure, please provide more details about what structure you are using and what does not work.

Thanks a lot Henri, that was useful!

In case someonw is trying to achieve the same with a Maven build, it’s enough to add the structure VAADIN/themes/your-theme under the resources folder