vaadin Theme adding Problem

Hi i have develeped the vaadin spring security project and i have default theme but for my project i want to add Vaadin Theme i mean i want to create my custmized theme by adding vaadin theme class but my project not allowing me to add i dont know becouse of spring security it is not addind or web.xml have to cjange please any one guide me how to get theme in security prolect thanks in advance-_-

in your VAADIN folder, which is usually under your static resources, you have to create a folder named themes/mythemename and into that one a styles.css file. Then into you main application class you have to add the row setTheme(“mythemename”);

hi thanks for Replying but for my requirement is like this i don’t have vaadin folder, i m downloaded the theme jar from addons and set it to main window so ,But for my clarity i m tried with vaadin normal project with added them class it works fine, I m afraid that for my project it is not coming ? i m created vaadin with moven integration other xml file like application.xml,security.xml and two jsp file .Also i have manualy added folder it showing error to me like servelet not found .So your suggestion will great help for me.-_-

The jsp:s should be in a static folder (if I recall correctly?). You could try to create a VAADIN/theme folder there.

ok thanks i will create it-_-