vaadin text box not reflecting the values which has been set using textfeil

Hi All,
I have two views view1 and view2 in my application. And in view1 i have filters over the columns of the grid, and i am saving this filters values(Say for example “abcd”) when i flip the view from view1 to view2 in detach() method as session attribute.when i flip back again from view2 to view1 i reapply this filter values(i.e abcd) in attach() method where i set the values of this filters as textfield.setvalue(“abcd”) where “abcd” i get from session attribute. This exactly filters the grid content as per the value “abcd” but the value "abcd " will not be displayed in the text box, which need some user interaction like click inside the text box or grid header row where in this text box filters are added as cell component.

Has anyone face the same issue?
below i have attached my sample pseudocode

public void attach()
SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat(“EEE MMM dd HH:mm:ss zzzz yyyy”);
String dateInString = “Mon Mar 16 00:00:00 CET 2015”;


        Date date = formatter.parse(dateInString);
        HeaderCell dateCell = grid.getHeaderRow(1).getCell(OverviewConstants.PROPERTY_IDS[9]

TimestampFilter timestampFilter = ((TimestampFilter) dateCell.getComponent());
HeaderCell aliasCell = grid.getHeaderRow(1).getCell(OverviewConstants.PROPERTY_IDS[0]
OverviewFilter aliasFilter = ((OverviewFilter) aliasCell.getComponent());

The overview and timestamp filters has valuechange listener which exactly filters the grid content based on the value entered but when i set its value as timestampFilter.setValue(date) or aliasFilter.setValue(“abcd”) these values i.e date and “abcd” will not be displayed in theimestamp and OverviewFilter which is the sub class of TextField.