vaadin-tabs change event needed to work with LitElement

Since LitElement doesn’t support 2-way binding, shouldn’t vaadin-tabs support an @change event listener?

I may be doing this wrong, but shouldn’t this work?

        <vaadin-tabs id="tabs" selected="${}" @change="${this._tabChanged}">
          <vaadin-tab>Tab one</vaadin-tab>
          <vaadin-tab>Tab two</vaadin-tab>
          <vaadin-tab>Tab three</vaadin-tab>

The _tabChanged method never gets called

  _tabChanged(e) {
    console.log('::tabChanged()::', this.shadowRoot.getElementById('tabs').selected)

The event is named selected-changed

The events used by Polymer 2 way bindings can be used with LitElement, too.
So in case of selected property of tabs, there is a selected-changed event:

<vaadin-tabs id="tabs" selected="${}" @selected-changed="${this._tabChanged}">

Then you can update the listener to check for event detail:

_tabChanged(e) {
	console.log('::tabChanged()::', e.detail.value.selected);

Regarding change event name, the agreement we have is that it should be only used by form controls.