Vaadin table Refreshing issue on edit record.

  1. I have a Table Components with id and description columns.
  2. I have set page length as 3 for my table after that for every new record scroll is coming which is correct and I can see only 3 records in table and on scroll I can see all records.
  3. The description data can be edited by button click. If I change small description (after scroll), to long paragraph than save. Table is refreshing with new data, but I can see only 2 records in my table and on scroll I can see all records (page length is wrong here). Here table is not expanding to show top 3 rows
  4. like above if I remove large paragraph in to small text table is not shrinking to fit 3 rows instead it’s showing more than 3(previous height).
  5. Adding new record and remove record without scroll is working perfect with large text also.
    My problem is when table scroll is coming and does description change, Table height is not refreshing as per the page length.
    Please help me on these.