Vaadin Start Page not loading

I created an project using Vaadin Start, but after starting it i cant open it. It keeps blinking.

Look at what the red ! in the lower right says

I fixed it. I just had to disable my adblocker

Great that you got it working, but I’m not sure why you would have to disable your adblocker for it to work. I have an ad blocker and haven’t had issues.

@winsome-wombat , any thoughts?

I had UBlock Origin and Brave Shield enabled

Thanks for the additional info.

If you have time, could you try enabling them one at a time and look at the network inspector console in your browser to see what asset gets blocked? That could help us figure out if there’s anything we could do to make it work more reliably

I will to it tomorrow as it’s in the middle of the night in Germany

He’s probably on windows where brave always blocks one download with C:/ in it