Vaadin & Spring Web Flow Integration


Is possible to integrate Vaadin with Spring Web Flow? Any thread about it?


Our company has not been able to integrate Spring Web Flow and Vaadin since SWF is tightly coupled to servlet/jsp request/response model.

From your choice I feel like you are trying to build a big system since for small systems it may sound as shooting a gun on sparrows:)

While building several big systems we faced a number of problems:

  • How to minimize memory leaks in application when all application state is stored in session?
  • How to update different parts of Vaadin interface? How to specify page navigation rules and manage navigation?
  • How to ensure modularity and code reuse? How to encourage loose coupling approach?
  • How to externalize application business processes and make them adjustable by non-programmers?
  • How to manage access rights?

Finally we have created
Lexaden Web Flow
framework aiming to solve the problems above.

You can try it out by exploring
enterprise sampler
- it shows how to create enterprise applications step by step with full documentation.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!