Vaadin + Spring Security for LogIn authentication.

Hi…All. I’m from India. I’m new here in the forum as well as new user of Vaadin. I have a little experience in Vaadin. It’s really very cool. I’m developing an application using eclipse IDE. My requirement is to implement a user authentication using Spring Security with Vaadin. I’m confused :open_mouth: in implementing both together
(Vaadin+Spring Security)

I would appreciate and grateful to those who could help me with some sample code or suitable links.

I want to use
as a persistence,
as a virtual server ,
MySql database
JPA container
. Is it necessary to use
? If not then how can I use only Vaadin and Spring Security to design a
login page

Thanks in advance…


I found Spring Security and Vaadin integration very confusing, it’s much better if you use Apache Shiro, you can create your own custom Vaadin Login Form and use Apache Shiro to do the authentication for you. It works really well

Check out this blog

Hi…Warsame Bashir, thanks for your kind help.-_- I’ll go through the blog link. Hope it’ll be useful for me.