Vaadin & Spring Security best experience?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem to decide which security should i use in vaadin application - Apache Shiro OR Spring Security

I googled alot and didn’t found anything about both of them (i mean) the REAL Example.

Could someone share this kinda projects? It would be awesome

Thanks Futher.

I went to the Apache Shiro page and Spring is among the users under Communities Using Shiro.
Sorry, I only wanted to point this out. I don’t have any experience with either, but I am interested in the topic. Where do you plan to store your users? Some kind of Active Directory or your own database? Do you have provide a Sign Up/Register page for users etc.?

Hello I’m planning to store most information in database. What about Sign Up/Register page? I think only ‘superuser’ like admin will have priviledge to register new users. Otherwise if i’ll not figure it out how to use one security modules - i’ll write it by myself.

What about Sign Up/Register page?

I don’t know what your application does. I was speculating that you might need to have a sign up/register page, in case it is open to the outside world. If it’s an internal app, yes, you are right, the users will have to be added by an admin user or in some cases you might want to interface with Active Directory, in case the company uses some kind active directory software to keep track of its users.

Implementing security modules on your own can be tricky, hard to get right and time consuming.

If you don’t mind, let us know what you end up choosing.