Vaadin & Spring Roo & Spring Security

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but here is my question:

Has anyone successfully used Spring Roo with the Vaadin plugin and Spring Security? I am trying to integrate them and so far have had very little luck getting the login stuff set up. I’m pretty new to Spring so detailed examples would be nice, everything I find is either Roo & Vaadin or Roo & Spring Security (and none of them very good) so it is hard to get this set up correctly.

Thanks for any help.

It was on my initial plan to support Spring Security with the Vaadin Plug-in for Spring Roo, but the priority was not high enough and so I never got around to testing or properly supporting it.

In fact, the real issue is having a better support for Spring Security in general for Vaadin, as discussed e.g. in
this thread
. These changes should go to a Vaadin add-on, they certainly do not belong to the core which does not have any Spring dependencies etc. There are ways to make Spring Security work with Vaadin without these changes, and many people have done so, but the experience is not as “smooth” as it could be and you often end up e.g. having a JSP-based login page.

Once someone takes the time to do that, it should (hopefully) not be too hard to integrate with Spring Roo, although there might be one new Roo command to be executed.

As for material on using Spring Roo with Vaadin, I hope there will be some more available in the next weeks.