Vaadin Spring: navigate to same view not possible

I’m using Vaadin Spring 1.0.0.beta3

Sometimes I want to navigate to a view from within the same view type but with different parameters. So more or less a “refresh” of the view, initialize it again, …
E.g. from within /#!editView I want to call /#!editView/999 using the parameter 999 to initialize the view.
But although I’m calling getUI().getNavigator().navigateTo(viewName) the bean is not created new and I’m stuck with the old bean in the old state creating weird behaviour.

How can I force the framework to serve me a new instance of a view?

EDIT: I have the suspicion that this is either desired behavior or a bug in vaadin-spring. At the moment the identifier that is used to decide if a view-bean should be reused or created new is the view name. Therefore when navigating to the same view the bean is always reused and never created new.