Vaadin spring integration

I’m using the vaadin spring addon in my project.What i’m looking for is autowire my View in my UI class,but i’m sill getting the Error
“java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Found no valid com.vaadin.spring.internal.UIID instance!”
and the autowiring fails.Please cant you help me to fixe this??

Any sources/repositories?

You usually need to “auto discover” the views with the SpringViewProvider.

@Inject private SpringViewProvider viewProvider;

You inject this provider into your UI and then setup a layout/panel to use it as the view container (“viewDisplay”).

VerticalLayout viewDisplay = new VerticalLayout();

Have a look at this:±+Getting+started+with+Vaadin+Spring+without+Spring+Boot

Create a view, annotating the class with @SpringView(name = “theNameOfYourView”)
Instanciate a Navigator using the UI and the view container (the layout you just created)

this.navigator = new Navigator(this, viewDisplay); this.navigator.addProvider(viewProvider); and then just:

navigator.navigateTo("theNameOfYourView"); This will basically make your view appear as the content for the “viewDisplay” layout.
As Ilia already stated, some code or repository URL would be of help to assist you

ok thank you verry much. Every thing is work so good now.

Glad it helped

But now i’m using the SpringVaadinServelet and i don’t know how to set the productionMode and closeIdleSessions to “true”.the deployement keep the DefaultConfig

Please open a completely new topic. This has nothing to do with this thread.