(Vaadin+Spring) External component in "vaadin.whitelisted-packages" not wor

Hi in my use case I added a Component from Vaadins Ad-Ons Repository to my project, I am using the application property “vaadin.whitelisted-packages” ([Wiki]
(https://vaadin.com/docs/v14/flow/spring/tutorial-spring-configuration.html)). How can I add the package of the external component?

I tried the following


Sadly this way the component is not working at runtime due to missing files. When I remove the whitelist start up time is much longer and the component is working.

This is maven dependency of the addon:


Having same issue when vaadin.whitelisted-packages was applied

I am using Vaadin 14.1.18 and here my whitelist config:


I would like to use [multiselect-combo-box-flow]
(https://vaadin.com/directory/component/multiselect-combo-box) and run it as development mode then I noticed that the multiselect-combo-box.js has not being imported in target/frontend/generated-flow-imports.js.

I resolve this by adding it’s java package to the whitelisted-packages, seem look like this:


EDIT: Seem you already do that but anyhow it worked on mine, probably it because my view in myapp.ui was importing the MultiselectComboBox

Thanks for this post!

I didn’t see any feedback or warnings from the framework toward the node packages missing for the components. The only indications I had was manually observing the package.json and pnpm-lock.yaml for the presence of packages.