Vaadin + Spring DM

Hi all,

I chose to use Vaadin to create the UI of my master thesis. The platform it is intended to run on is the EclipseRT Virgo server (Equinox + embedded Tomcat) and Spring Dynamic Modules.

I found a very interesting
demo application
by Kai Toedter about how to implement a dynamic UI using OSGi and Vaadin. I’m trying to follow his line of work, but keep hitting problems when trying to write my Vaadin application as a web bundle (a jar, not a war). There seems to be no way of altering the servlet configuration, since this gets completely hidden in a web bundle.

So, the question is: does anybody know of any good examples of how to achieve this, or had any practical experience with this?

Thx in advance!

Hello Niels,

We are working to develop a UI platform in Vaadin running in Virgo. I see my reply come late, so if u still need help, dont hesitate to email me.
best regards.