Vaadin Spring boot app in the npm mode (Vaadin 14) without any plugin ?

Aziz Rehman
"Hi, we have here a Gradle-Multi-Project, it seems to be working currently in the bower compatibility mode with latest vaadin-14.X.rc. However, I am not sure how do I migrate it to npm. Any Tips would be really appreciated. Apparently, there is no vaadin-gradle plugin that takes care of genrating npm files as mention in :“2.1 Add front-end plugin”

It would be great for if you could mention what files and where they should be existed so that the npm works. I am not using any vaadin-gradle plugin uptill now and do not require do so."

Like Aziz Rehman, I build Vaadin projects with gradle and without any specific vaadin-gradle plugin.
How to build Vaadin Spring boot app in the npm mode without any plugin ?

Please find solution

Unfortunately a plugin is needed, in order to call WebPack to propagate the META-INF/VAADIN/build directory. Luckily, the plugin is now available and can now be tried out by early adopters. If you’d like to try it out, please see the Spring Boot example project at .