Vaadin spreadsheet : Row height < 30 for Rows containing custom editor?

I’m Working with Vaadin Spreadsheet and i’m trying to set the height of a row (containing custom Component) lower than 30 Pts. The problem’s that the implementation of Spreadsheet class don’t allow a height row lower than 30 pts for rows with custom Components.Is there another way to do this ? Thank you your help.

Any help please.
If tried everything, even the java reflexion in order to update the value of the static final int “MINIMUM_ROW_HEIGHT_FOR_COMPONENTS” using java reflexions. But it doesn’t seem to work?

The limitation sounds very odd. Different themes obviously have different base sizes for components, and most themes offer component styles for different sizes, such as “tiny”, etc. Please
file a ticket

Changing a static final with Java reflection sounds like a rather extreme hack and may not work in many environments.

Hi Nouri,

Yes, there is a hard coded minimum size of 30 pts for rows containing Vaadin components. This is to ensure that most of the default fields and buttons fit inside the cell without being clipped. Please file a ticket with your use-case and we’ll take that into account for future versions of Spreadsheet.


Done, thank you everyone. Hope that this feature will be avaible in future versions of Vaadin Spreadsheet ( ticket :

And this died… why? Ticket set to “undefined”

Hi Ola,

The team is hard at work on other things right now, but I raised the priority of this in the backlog so that we’ll get to it sooner.