Vaadin Spreadsheet PopupButton with Table


I’m trying to display a table for a PopupButton in a Vaadin Spreadsheet but the table doesn’t show.

The div.element with classname .v-scrollable.v-table-body-wrapper.v-table-body has with zero width and height. Experimentally, in Crome dev tools, increasing those values displays the table but the columns are not calculated right either.

Setting for example PopupButton.setPopupHeight/Width and table to full has no effect

A Grid however, works fine. It displays as expected in the popup window but I need stuff in Table that isn’t available in Grid yet.


Hi Ola,

Table layouting is not simple and there might be an issue when used in a popup. Could you please file a ticket at along with a small example that shows the issue?


Hi Guillermo,

Thanks for your reply



Checking out 1.1.0.beta3 it works like a charm! Good job indeed, thanks!