Vaadin SpreadSheet Fill Menu

In Vaadin Spreadsheet in the html page when you select any cell or a cell range that is a popup context menu call "Fill’.

  1. What does the Fill menu do? Clicking on that just selects the range and I am not sure what the use is for. Also the Fill menu shows up only in Chrome. Not in Firefox or IE. I think it also shows in tablets.
  2. Can i Disable the Fill menu and add my custom menu items.
  3. Then there is right click which also has some menu options which i am able to customize. Where are that just a Fill menu which is different type and a right click.

Looks like Fill action is for touch enabled devides like tablets but it is also showing up in chrome in my laptop.

Hi Srinivasan,

You are correct. The ‘Fill’ menu is meant for touch devices in order to be able to fill the values in a cell or range of cells to the neighbors. I.e. what happens when you drag the small green square on a desktop machine. If the ‘Fill’ menu is visible in desktop chrome, its a bug. Please file a ticket at with details on your system so that we might be able to reproduce it and fix the issue.



The fill option is used when you wan’t to drag a value from one cel or region and extend it. For instance if you have a formula in A1 and want that formula to be in A1:A10, you select A1 and tap on fill and then extend the formula to A1:A10.

As Jonatan mentioned the fill indicator should only be visible for touch devices. Don’t forget to add the following to the ticket:

  • is your laptop touch enabled?
  • what chrome version and OS version are you running?


My apologies.

My laptop is indeed touch enabled ( even though i am using a external monitor ). I tried to track it down and the touch enable feature was checked thru a native javascript code which was returning true for chrome and returning false for firefox and IE. I turned off the feature in chrome using its flags and the “Fill” Menu went away.

Further based on the code I see the “Fill” menu is shown in a touch enabled device. I would expect it to also check if the sheet is protected or not and only show when the sheet is not protected and available for edit.

Thanks for verifying this for us. We still have some work to do before touch devices can be said to be supported even though they mostly work.


Is there a way to hide or disable the fill option? Maybe using css?