Vaadin + Shiro => UnknownSessionException


First sorry to open a new topic, but the other were from old topic, and not sure if people even have a look.

So I succesfully plugged shiro with vaadin, implementing a custom realm to validate user through our OrientDb database.

It seems to work ok, but after a while (at least 10 min), when trying to get permission of a subject, I’ve got an UnkownSessionException there’s session for id xxx

I’ve tried to lower my different timeout, and found out it’s not about them because the message is different when it expired. It’s like something is wiping the thing that stores session. FYI I just used the default session manager loaded with shiro (everything is default apart from the realm). I followed this topic to make shiro work with vaadinsession.

I really need help on this one !!

Thanks a lot !!