Vaadin setup for a newbie...

This is a very n00bish question and I am embarrased to ask, but I’m stumped.

I want to start using Vaadin. I don’t understand how to implent it into my workflow.

Here are the details that I can tell you:

  • The web server I use is Apache 2.2.3 running on CentOS 5.8.
    I just found out that GlassFish is also used on this server

  • My IDE is Eclipse Java EE version Juno SR2. The Vaadin plugin has been installed.

  • I use the Remote System Explorer plugin for Eclipse to access the files that I am editing. I do
    work with local copies of the file.

  • I’ve been using Eclipse and EPIC to develop PERL scripts. The files are stored on the remote server. This works well for me.

Now, having said that, when I try to create a new Vaadin 7 project the Target Runtime field always shows “”. I can click the “New Runtime…” button, but I don’t understand just what I’m doing with this field.

How can I set up the Vaadin plugin to work with this scenario?


Nobody? No ideas at all?


You should work on local copies, compile the project into a WAR and only deploy that compiled WAR on the remote server when done with local testing. Your workflow or direct remote editing as you describe it is ok for interpreted languages like PERL, PHP and Python but not really suitable for compiled languages like Java.

To test locally, install a local instance or GlassFish, Tomcat or some other server (just google for their sites and installation instructions - very simple for these servers) and then look up general Eclipse documentation on how to define server configurations for them. If you cannot find sufficiently detailed instructions in Vaadin tutorials, see e.g. steps 1-4 (and 5.1 and 5.4 but using a Vaadin project instead of a Dynamic Web Project) of
this tutorial

Thanks for the help.

I was able to install Glassfish and work through the Document Manager video. I should be good for the time being.