Vaadin servlet breaks because request.getPathInfo() is null

When requests for a static resource or the UIDL are sent to our Vaadin servlet, vaadin always returns the main html page.
The problem comes from AbstractApplicationServlet.getRequestType, isStaticResourceRequest, and isUIDLRequest. Those methods use request.getPathInfo(), but in my case that apparently is null. The request.getRequestURI() on the other hand, does contain the right request URL.

I’m using Tomcat 7, and the servlet is called through Spring MVC, using a Spring DispatcherServlet and ServletWrappingController so that the vaadin servlet is a Spring bean.

As a workaround, if I add a HttpServletRequestWrapper and override getPathInfo() to return getRequestURI(), then it work. But that seems wrong.

Does this problem look familiar to anyone?
And why does vaadin sometimes use both getRequestURI() and getPathInfo() in those methods?

Looks like it had nothing to do with Spring. This happens if you set the url-pattern in web.xml to “/” instead of “/*”.
ticket #7386